FIFA+ Collect is a unique platform within FIFA+, designed to provide football fans with an unparalleled entertainment experience. This platform opens up FIFA's extensive archive, allowing fans to own exclusive digital collectibles that represent memorable moments and special editions from the FIFA World Cup™ history. It offers a chance to build a personal digital collection, trade items with other fans, and become part of the rich legacy of football. The goal is to make this experience accessible to all fans, fostering a new way to enjoy fandom through Official Digital Collectibles that bring enthusiasts closer to the authenticity and richness of football history.
I led the design of pack visuals, shaped the brand identity, and crafted various elements, including dynamic motion design assets, expressive emojis, and visuals for engaging social media campaigns. My role aimed to elevate the overall user experience and contribute to the success of the platform.
Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Blender 3D, After Effects
Organic Ads
Packs Contain the Collected Footballing Moments. 
Once you open a pack you own footballing moments. 
Page Skins
Social Media Designs: 
 I drove engagement and brand visibility on social media for FIFA+ Collect. I modelled digital products, ensuring FIFA's quality standards. My art direction for campaigns boosted interest, increasing user engagement and solidifying FIFA+ Collect as a premier destination for digital football memorabilia. I decided to base the designs on the concept of being the HBO of collectibles maintaining a premium yet fun feel.

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